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Fire Up The Boilers!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine started to write some Steampunk fiction just for fun. She was asking me for input on characters, names, etc., and it got me thinking.  I’d just finished the game Bioshock 2 from 2K Games, which is sort of in the same genre (but also very creepy). I really enjoyed that game. Especially the artwork and design, so I started doing a little research into various Steampunkish things. I found a few websites that I immediately took notice of and really liked.

So I showed her some of the things that I’d found.

“OMG THAT IS SO COOL!!!! I WANT! I WANT!” came her reply.

Ears ringing, I was encouraged that I was on the right track. I became fascinated by some of the craft work being done. My intent is to try to do something similar and equally fantastic. It’ll be slow going at first. I’ve never tried anything like this.

This will be a record of my experiences. Sometimes I’ll post things that I’ve found out in the world, or on the web, that I think are interesting. Other times it may be brainstorms or thumbnail sketches of ideas that I’ve had. Sometimes it’ll be records of things that I’ve made (If they aren’t too embarrassing). If I think something is interesting, then maybe others will too.


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