It’s difficult to tell, because I don’t speak Russian, but according to the Google translation this is a brandy holder/mulling device complete with a cigar holder. (Original Post)


Hot Air Engines

Want to see it in action? Watch the videos below.

Top: A 4 cylinder Stirling Engine driving a big flywheel.

Bottom: A 2 cylinder version driving a small generator.

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Steam Powered Dalek!

Steam powered Dalek. All CGI. Complete with titles.

Perpetual Antiqua Watch

This is the Vianney Halter Perpetual Antiqua Watch. It has three dials and a port for reading the date. This watch is incredible looking but so is the price at a mere $64,000 each. For the Steampunk with a very large wallet.

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Lady Mechanika #0

Cover Art for Lady Mechanka #0

Lady Mechanika #0

List Price: USD$2.50
Est. Release Date: Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Writer: Joe Benitez
Artist: Joe Benitez
Publisher: Aspen Mlt Inc


Joe Benitez JOE BENITEZ DEBUTS HIS NEWEST THRILLING SERIES! The exciting adventure of Aspen’s newest female heroine begins here! The mysteries surrounding private investigator LADY MECHANIKA and her origin begin to unfold as she heads to a rundown city known as Satan’s Alley. Located on the lower eastside, it is an area of town under siege by the presence of a murderous creature of unknown origin.

While a weapons manufacturer has issued a reward for the unknown slayer, drawing a crowd of bounty hunters looking to cash in, Lady Mechanika’s purpose is far more personal – information that could lead to the truth about her creation.

Featuring a 13-page story that sets the stage for the brand-new LADY MECHANIKA #1 issue coming next month, make sure to get in on the ground floor of the next exciting series! Complete with an additional sketchbook section, never before seen art, and a stunning cover by creator Joe Benitez himself, this special #0 issue is not to be missed! LADY MECHANIKA #0 is in stores NOW!”


The tabloids dubbed her “Lady Mechanika“, the sole survivor of a psychotic serial killer’s three-year rampage through London. Authorities found her locked in an abandoned laboratory amidst an undeterminable number of corpses and body parts, her own limbs having been amputated and replaced with mechanical components.

With no memory of her captivity or her former life, Mechanika eventually built a new life for herself as a private detective, using her unique abilities to solve cases the police couldn’t or wouldn’t handle. But she never stopped searching for the answers to her own past.

Set in turn of the century England, a time when magic and superstition clashed with new scientific discoveries and inventions, Lady Mechanika is about a young woman’s search for her own identity as she solves other mysteries involving science and the supernatural.

Alternate Cover

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Find of the Day: Skull Cake Pan

Skull Cake

Halloween is coming up soon and who couldn’t resist this? Skull shaped cakes. To make it you’ll need a skull cake pan and you can read all about it on Not Martha.

Skull Cake Pan

Available on Amazon.com.

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