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You generally don’t think of cardboard and paper as construction materials for steampunk props, brass and copper come to mind, but this guy made a mechanical arm out of just that. And if you like that check out his blog from more interesting projects. His masks are pretty awesome.


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Skull Cake

Halloween is coming up soon and who couldn’t resist this? Skull shaped cakes. To make it you’ll need a skull cake pan and you can read all about it on Not Martha.

Skull Cake Pan

Available on Amazon.com.

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From Bruce Rosenbaum’s steampunk home in Sharon, Massachusetts. A steam inspired media center.

In the top a mirror frame holds the plasma screen and below a late 1800’s fireplace insert, from a coal fired train station heater, hides the electronics.

For more information on this media center and a lot of other items in the home, take a look at the in depth article on SteampunkWorkshop.com.

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These lamps are by Frank Buchwald. More inspiration.

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I’ve been searching the intertubes looking for a good image to use as an avatar for the blog. I think I found one. You can see it in the right column. It’s a photo of the brass sight-glass from the boiler of a small steam engine that was on display at the Haddenham Steam Rally back in 2007. The full image is below. It may end up as a header image eventually.

Steam Engine Detail

Small Steam Engine Detail

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A good tutorial on making your own steampunk style goggles from Fenris-the-Red-Wolf on DeviantArt.com. Click the image below to go to the web page. When you get there click on the image to make it big enough to read.

Make Your Own Goggles.

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New Header Image

Photo of the wreckage of LZ4 (Luftschiffe Zeppelin IV) at Echterdigen 5-Aug-1908. After a storm caused the zepplin to break free of it’s moorings and crash into the nearby woods.

More information here.

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